Login As Root User In Linux Mint11

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Hello People,

Nice to meet you! I just installed Linux mint. Somehow I managed to get my ATI card drivers installed in which is a bit complicated to install in Ubuntu based Linux distributions attest for new users like me. I am trying to login as root/admin but I can't do that from the login screen. I don't know what's the problem. Is it ok if I manage to use some file manager to access my songs and images and use auto-mounting using root. but not with terminal/console?

In older version I managed to login as a root without any problem but now after changes I am not able to do so. I don't want to put nautilus or edit commands every time to replace or edit files like resolve conf in .etc. directory. directly saying I want to login as a root to do this all work . How can I get GUI for the root account and how to login using root account on this computer currently I am using,

  • Linux mint 11
  • Inter core 2 quad processor

I already know that its not good idea to run as a root but I want to do all this. So please don't say its not a good idea to run as a root I just want to enable login as a root option.

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Login As Root User In Linux Mint11



Start your Linux in a single user mode. Sometimes this is termed as Runlevel 1 or Recovery Mode. Or if you have a GRUB boot loader, you are presented with choices as to what to boot. Select the Single User Mode.
With this mode, you can change your password. What's nice with this is that you can change the password without requiring your old password. To do this, type # passwd.
  • You are then prompted with the new password and a confirmation.
  • After placing the password, reboot your Linux machine. 
  • You can then enter as root using the password you provided awhile ago.
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Login As Root User In Linux Mint11


Hello Kurtis,

I for one don't see any harm in enabling logging in as root.  So don't worry, no judgments here. First of all, you have to set a password for root.  The root account usually does not have a password set (actually, it has a password but is impossible to find out). You can set the root password by opening a terminal and doing this:

  1. Type in "sudo passwd root" (without the quotes)
  2. Type in your account password when prompted for it.
  3. Type in the new password for "root".

The next time you log in to Linux Mint, instead of clicking on your username, click on "Other…".  Enter the root password. Congratulations!  You are now logged in as root! Hope this helps!

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