Logging in needed before loading MS Outlook 2007

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Hello everyone,

Can I ask for help with our annoying MS Outlook 2007 problem?

Whenever our staff try to open Outlook, they are asked to authenticate our mail server, mail.school.worcs.sch.uk. They have to either type in their username and password or login first to the OWA, webmail.school.worcs.sch.uk, before they can load Outlook. 

I don't understand what's going on.

I capture some internet requests with PuTTY whenever they type in their credentials. I am wondering if the Outlook in school is accessing Webmail on HTTPS? 

1299661532.801 0 TCP_DENIED/407 1308 CONNECT webmail.school.worcs.sch.uk:443 – NONE/- text/html
1299661532.807 3 TCP_DENIED/407 1620 CONNECT webmail.school.worcs.sch.uk:443 – NONE/- text/html
1299661533.021 208 TCP_MISS/000 12945 CONNECT webmail.school.worcs.sch.uk:443 test.teacher SOURCEHASH_PARENT/Staff –

Thank you in advance!

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Logging in needed before loading MS Outlook 2007




You need to create the code with the visual basic and Microsoft power point for macro and the code you are showing that is somehow correct code. I yet have not created such macro code but the code you have shown here is looking correct and it will create the function you want. Hope this solution will help you getting out of the rid. I have great grip on Microsoft power point and the problem can be solve by Microsoft power point but the code you want to write, I yet have not created code about this but i know this code is correct and algorithm you are using is correct and you are working in the right path. This is the point I can guide and tell you are going in the right point.


The way I have understand your question is that you want to remove the tags of html in .txt file. You should follow the following subjects. 1. First open that file and remove all the <> this form of text. 2. 2nd is remove the value between the tags other than in the body tag. 3. You will remove the tags below the body. This is all what should you. So take these simple steps and these will help you sorting your problem. As you said you want the C++ code so for removing the tags there is no such code for this. So you have to do this manually. This is the solution of the problem you are asking hope this solution will help you solving your problem

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