Load many inboxes together from my PC

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Hi , I want to load many Google email accounts of mine and read messages simultaneously.

Auto login would be good. Any software??

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Load many inboxes together from my PC


Hey Joanna!

Gmail allows you to open multiple inboxes in one account. Now you can check all your inboxes only in one window.

For this purpose what you need to do is to follow these steps:

1. Login to your Gmail account, (it will be your default Gmail).

2. Go to settings by clicking the small drop down arrow on the right side.

3. Once Setting page is open, now you have to click Lab tab, which is up on the screen.

4. Now there are all the gadgets, you have to find Multiple Inbox gadget and click on Enable.

5. Now click on the Save Changes button on the end of the page.

6. Again go to the Settings and click on Accounts.

7. In accounts tab click on "Add another account" and add as many accounts as you want.

You will receive a confirmation code in email to all other accounts which you have added earlier. Copy the codes and paste them to the window where it is asking for the Verification code.

8. Now go to "Multiple inbox", here in pane 0 write the first Gmail address, similarly add all other email address and press the button "save changes"



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