I can’t use the icons I downloaded.

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I downloaded some icons so that I could change some icons in my desktop.

When I go to the folder properties, customize tab, change icon and browse through the folder of the new downloaded icons, the folder is blank.

However, when I browse through it, normally I can see the icons. What seems to be the problem?

The left side is when I browse normally, and the right side is when I go to folder properties to change it's icons.


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I can’t use the icons I downloaded.


The icon pack that you have downloaded might be invalid icons.

Check the file extension of the icons if their .ICO, like the one on the image below (highlighted text).


PNG or any other file extension other than those given on the option will not let you browse the files.

That’s why when you are trying to locate the icons, the folder is empty.

In some sites, there are options that will let you to choose to download the file as .ICO, .PNG, etc.

You probably click the wrong file to download.

If you are sure that it is an .ICO file then you may need to re-convert the file again to .ICO.

You can use “ArtCursors” to make an .ICO file.

You can download it here.

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I can’t use the icons I downloaded.


I don’t think the files you downloaded are invalid since you can normally see them when browsing the folder the normal way and they only disappear when you are about to customize the icon of a folder. I don’t see it as invalid. I think those files are only using a different extension name instead of the usual “.ico” extension name.

Normally in Windows, the supported icon files use the “.ico” extension so you need to check the files you downloaded if they have the same extension or not.

If they use a different extension name like for example they are still using the usual extension name of image files like “.png” or “.bmp”, simply try renaming them and use the “.ico” as their extension name. After doing this, try customizing a folder again and this time I’m sure the icons will now appear in the folder.

Actually, you don’t need to download more icon files just to customize your folders. You can use any image files you have on your hard drive. The image files only need a little adjustment to make it work as an icon file.

To transform your ordinary image files to icon files, select the images you want to transform and then resize them to 32 x 32 pixels. You can use Adobe Photoshop to resize them. If you can’t fit them exactly to this size, make sure either the width or height will not exceed 32 pixels.

After that, save the file in “.bmp” format. Finally, rename the file to “.ico” like for example “RecycleRed.ico”. Your icon file is now ready and you can use it to customize any folders on your hard drive.

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