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I am running two systems, one on Windows and the other Linux.  I am wondering whether it is advisable to have two physically separate networks for each system so that the company’s commodity internet is separate from the financial database network.  Right now both systems are on the same network, and I am concerned that this might enable a very skilled person to gain access to both systems.  I would welcome any suggestions on this matter.

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There’s no real advantage or disadvantage having the same operating system. The advantage of that is you can run some application that are only applicable/readable on a certain operating system. Windows XP server applications that won't work on Linux, for example. The disadvantage is that it slows your server down a little, as it has an extra OS to take care of. 

But if you're talking about multi-boot, there are no real advantages; because every time you boot one OS, the other stops functioning and so do the server applications running for that specific OS. 

If you’re concern about security measures try putting administrator passwords on each OS. You can also put a Password on the BIOS setup to further increase your security level upon accessing the computer.