LG FLATRON w1942s closed (cables are OK)

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I have a little problem with LG FLATRON w1942s, I opened this morning and it started to close and open by itself, without pushing the close button (the button remains lit). What can be wrong? I checked the cables and they are OK (I connected another monitor to your PC and works with them).



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LG FLATRON w1942s closed (cables are OK)


Hi Vlad!

Since known-good monitor worked just fine with the same CPU or tower and you even reseated and used the same cable then obviously, there is something wrong with your LG FLATRON w1942s monitor. Make sure that its power button does not stick by pressing and releasing it. Try not to use it for a week to make it dry if it is wet or grounded. Try to plug your LG FLATRON w1942s monitor to another CPU and if the same issue occurs then unfortunately, it is broken and it needs replacement. If its warranty is still active then you may contact your monitor's manufacturer or the store where you bought it for its replacement.

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