What’s the process on viewing CCTV on laptop and cellphone

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Hi People from Techyv,

Can you please help me on the process on viewing IP Camera, because im plan'ning to buy for my store because i want to install it there and i want to view it on my laptop or my mobile. For your quick response please.


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What’s the process on viewing CCTV on laptop and cellphone


Hi Stephen,

There are many ways on how to view your CCTV remotely. First, is to have an internet connection from your main which you install your CCTV. You can view your CCTV through static IP Address by typing the address on your browser. Configure the settings once you view your CCTV. Second, is to use a dynamic IP Address by Installing the software of your CCTV from the provider and check the settings once done test your CCTV if it's okay. CCTV can be view through IP Address, just like telephone number.

Take note:

If you view your CCTV using static IP just type the IP address on your browser and it automatically display your site you wanted to view.

If you view your CCTV using dynamic IP address it needs a software from your CCTV provider in order to make your camera work.


Tony Stevenson

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