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Author: Halton Roy
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I keep on getting an engine error every time the Left 4 Dead 2 is being updated. I cannot do anything unless I try to update the system as well. The error would say "Unable to load version from steam.inf." I need some help in fixing this issue. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Engine Error

Unable to load version from steam.inf

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You said that every time you try to update Left 4 Dead 2, it shows an error "Unable to load version from steam.inf”. That problem happens to me also. That might be the problem of missing stream.inf file. Try to use these methods:

  1. Restart your Steam and wait for its automatic update.
  2. If automatic update is failure (restart Steam but nothing happens), you need to change your download region.
  3. Verifying integrity of game cache. (It will waste your time but better than reinstall your game.).

After going in that process, I think you will not get any problem to run or update Left 4 Dead 2.