Learnt The Steps To Know How To Build A Wi-Fi

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Hi. I am working in the IT division of the firm. I have been given the task to learn how to build a Wi-Fi and test it. How to build a Wi-Fi? Please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.

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Learnt The Steps To Know How To Build A Wi-Fi


Hi. If you want to know how to build a Wi-Fi, the steps are as given below-

1) Learn all about the wireless router such as its input jack, wireless ability, Ethernet jack and reset button

2) Make sure that the button on the back of the wireless router is turned on

3) Make sure that you connect your router to one of the broadband service out of dynamic IP, PPPoE which needs a username and password to establish the connection and static IP.

4) For the initial set up and connection to be established, connect the router to the wired PC

5) Open the web browser which you use and type to connect to the wireless router administration interface

6) Using the steps provided on the screen, configure the broadband connection 

7) Then, ensure that the Wireless security is established using either WEP or WPA-2 encryption 8) After the wireless connections have been set up, connect the laptop to the wireless connections available, enter the password and start using the internet.

Hope we helped.

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