What are the layer found in the TCP

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Hi all,

What are the layer found  in the TCP Networking Wireless? Regards. Any help would be useful.

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What are the layer found in the TCP


Transport control protocol is a four layered model, which enables exchange of message through a network. These layers are:

  • Application layer
  • Transport layer
  • Internet layer
  • Network layer

Application layer

Is the layer were networking exchanges carried out by certain protocols are done. These protocols include http, telnet. In this layer proper transportation procedures are given and identified.

Transport layer

Data transmitted is controlled by two protocols: connection (TCP) and connection less (UDP). This layer also controls the transmission of data from one layer to another.

Internet layer

This layer controls exchange of various packets of data in the network, eliminating fragmented packets.

Network layer

Enable delivery of information, to the linkage protocol such as Ethernet by providing detection to the available error and frames of packets.

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What are the layer found in the TCP


Transmission control protocols are set procedures that enable and establish message exchange between networks. It comprises of 4 layers namely: application, transport, internet and network.

  1. Application layer is responsible for all exchange with help protocols such as ftp, telnet etc.
  2. Transport layer assists in the connection less and connection exchanges.
  3. Internet layer eliminates packet fragments in transit.
  4. Network layer is responsible for the detection of errors with the packets in the transit.
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What are the layer found in the TCP


TCP stands for “Transmission Control Protocol.” It is a standard that defines or classifies how to establish or start and maintain a network conversation or communication using applications that are capable of exchanging data. It works with IP or Internet Protocol which, on the other hand, defines how computers send packets of data to one another. As one, IP and TCP are the basic policies that defines the internet.

TCP is a connection-oriented protocol. This means a connection is created and maintained until the program at every end have completed exchanging messages.

It decides how to break application data into packets that networks can send, handles flow control, sends and receives packets to and from the network layer, and because it is designed to give error-free data transmission – manages re-transmission of dropped or distorted packets including acknowledgement of all packets that arrive.

In the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) communication model, TCP covers sections of Layer 4 or the Transport Layer and sections of Layer 5 or the Session Layer.

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