To Learn About The Lacie External Hard Drive Not Recognized In Mac.

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Hello, once there was an issue with something on my computer and accidentally, I unplugged the firewire and that reacted to my LaCie drives from the IMac. From that day, they won't mount. I tried to reconnect them and also tried turning them on and off but nothing worked out. Can anyone fix my LaCie external hard drive not recognized in Mac?

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To Learn About The Lacie External Hard Drive Not Recognized In Mac.


You can try doing few things like:

1. If a drive Icon doesn't show on the Finder menu bar, click on Finder Preferences  General. There would be seen various selection options to show disks and peripherals.

2. Secondly, you can click on the Apple menu and select “About this Mac” and click on “MORE INFO” at the lower side. All the cable choices are listed there. So if your external drive is connected via Firewire 400, click on the Firewire info and everything should be shown. If it doesn't, there would be a possibility of a damaged or a bad cable.

3. You can also try running Disk Utility, the icons of your disks should appear in the window to the left side. Select the disk and then mount it.

4. You can also use Disk Warrior. If your disk is mounted or not, Icons will appear in the selection window. Select on disk, and pass the command to Rebuild Directory.

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