I can’t play my CDs using my DVD/CD drive

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Recently I have got some new DVDs for my own use. But, when I insert them in the DVD/CD drive of my computer and try to play them, I receive an error message as:

DVD Error

Error Code: FD41436
The TV Out port of your display card is not working properly.
This copy protected disk can be not played when the TV out function is enabled.

Please check and tell me, whether it is the problem of the computer or the DVDs. 

Thank you.
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I can’t play my CDs using my DVD/CD drive



The following error lies on your drivers. I found this topic on some past forums regarding the error. Maybe you have installed incorrect video drivers for that matter. Assuming that you have installed correct video drivers, one problem lies on your updated drivers. This solution may help you regarding the matter.

Try rolling back your video drivers to older versions of it Or uninstall them, then reinstalling the old video drivers.

To uninstall video drivers:

  • Click start–>Control panel–>add/remove programs–>uninstall video card drivers and applications ;
  • Then from the control panel –>System–>click hardware tab –>uninstall video device .
  • Restart your computer.
  • Tap F8 for you to have the option to boot to safe mode
  • Go to control panel–>system–>check for any video device's installed–>uninstall them .
  • Reboot your computer .
  • Now install the video drivers for older versions (unupdated).
  • Reboot your computer. Check video settings , screen size , etc. … Then you're done.
  • Try DVD playback.

Hope this helps



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I can’t play my CDs using my DVD/CD drive


You don't need to worry about your computer and the DVDs that you bought because the problem occurs mainly due to the display adapter drivers (a.k.a. Video card or video adapter) that are installed from the motherboard. Double check if the video drivers are set up properly from the installation disk.

If there is no installation disk, find the suitable drivers for your motherboard that can be downloaded online. On the other hand, for a good, reliable and easier solution instead of installing the video card drivers, you can try downloading the latest Power DVD software patch on your computer.

Click the link:


Enjoy watching!

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I can’t play my CDs using my DVD/CD drive

Dear Brayan, I am providing 4 solutions which may help you:
(1) Uninstall and then reinstall the video drivers of your computer. It may fix the error.
(2) If it does not work, you can use some softwares such as DVD43, which are free. DVD43 is a small software which works fine with Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Vista.  DVD-Video copy-protection and DVD Region limitations are override by DVD43.  Download link for DVD43 : https://dvd43.en.softonic.com/
(3) Besides these, an open source media player- VLC player can also be used. Sometimes a region encoding is circumvented by this player. Download link for VLC :
(4) Another solution is to video driver properties and turn OFF the TV out functionality. I can give you the proper steps to do it if you can provide me the model of your video card. If you want more information about any of the above solutions, then please contact me.                    
Best wishes.

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