Megnetic Read and Write Mechanism

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Which are the benefits of glass substrate?

What is the exact Magnetic read and Write Mechanism?

Please briefly explain them.

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Megnetic Read and Write Mechanism


Benefits of Glass Substrate

  • Provides great improvement in the uniformity of the magnetic film surface increasing the overall reliability
  • Provides significant reduction in the number of surface defects thus reducing the read/write errors.
  • Greater ability to withstand shock and damage.
  • Greater fly-height margin thus minimizing wear and tear due to head-to-disk contact.
  • Better stiffness to reduce disk dynamics.

Magnetic Read/Write Mechanisms

The data on the magnetic disks are stored in the component called ‘Platter’ by magnetizing ferromagnetic material directionally. The Sequential changes in these directions represent the binary data bits. The data are stored in the form of 0 and 1. The data is encoded by polarizing the magnetic area.

A ‘Spindle’ connects all the platters and in turn is connected to a motor which rotates with a constant speed.

The ‘Read/Write Head’ reads and writes data from or to a platter. Drives have two Read/Write heads per platter, one for each surface. The R/W head changes the polarization on the platter surface when writing the data, while it just detects the magnetic polarization while reading data. 


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