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Hello there,

I am greatly suffering from connectivity & restarting problem. When I start my laptop if my laptop is not connected with my Qubee internet modem then it restarts after connecting the modem. But if modem is connected before starting the computer then it does not restart. I am currently using windows XP. Even I tried with other laptops but there I didn't faced the problem with my modem. So is it the problem with my windows or any other internet related software or virus? Please it will be a great help for me if anyone can explain my problem with specification.


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Hello Julia, this thing happens when there is problem in the windows operating system and this thing only fix when you can reinstall a new window. There is also sometime an error in the connection process. Whenever you save a setting of your internet connection via modem then there are some settings which must be done before starting of the internet. So you also had done that job. Now the thing is that sometimes there are some options there which we neglect to focus and without read we click next key so may be there is an option saying that always restart my computer when connected to network. So make it sure that this problem is not there and then install properly your internet connection via modem.


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Are you installing this new Qubee Internet modem? This is common for Windows Operating System, once Windows detects a new device, it wants you to install the hardware and software driver. Once installed, it will ask you to restart your computer. Once restarted, then you can go the Internet. This is not really a problem but that's how Windows computer are made.

The good thing about newer version is that it has it's own software driver installed. An older version requires you to install the driver to make it recognized by the computer. If you don't have this software CD then it is impossible for you to make it work. However, you can download this software on the Internet if it's available on the manufacturer's website. Not unless, you call them and request for the driver. But this take much of your time because you don't know when the CD driver will be delivered. So, if you are installing this type of device, be ready with the CD driver.