Laptop Heat and Battery Problems

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I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop. It is always on its best condition, aside from over heating most of the time. Just recently, I am also having issues with its adaptor and the battery icon on my system tray.

Normally, when a laptop is charging, you can see this battery icon moves up and down to show that the charging is already active. But on my laptop's condition, it only happens when I first plug the cord to my laptop then it will stop momentarily. In addition to this, The percentage of the battery level remains to its level. No matter how long I plugged the adaptor on to my laptop. I cannot reach 100% or fully charged my laptop.



And beside, it has 21% plugged in, not charging message if I point the cursor to the battery icon even if I plugged the adaptor.  I have to plug the adaptor no matter how long I use it, tendency is I cannot move to any place far from any electrical circuit. So if I have out of town, I cannot use this outdoor. I already fix the issue of its normal over heating. I bought a mini laptop fan to avoid an unexpected shutdown of my system. Anyway, I just want to ask if theres any other way to fix my battery or if there is a setting for it? Please help. I enclosed some screen shots. I am using Windows Vista Home SP2.

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Laptop Heat and Battery Problems


On software perspective, try looking at the Preferences and see if battery configuration.
On hardware perspective, there are two possible reasons for this.
First, your laptop's battery sensor might be defective.
And second, your laptop's battery sensor is fine but the battery itself is defective. And this is more likely to occur compared to the first reason.
Batteries may worn out overtime. They are not guaranteed to last a lifetime. Overcharging is one reason why batteries worn out. It decreases the lifespan of your battery.
The solution is to change your old battery into a new one. Or you can borrow your friend's laptop battery to test if it is working fine in your laptop.

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Laptop Heat and Battery Problems


Yes you are right thomas_! My laptop battery is defective due to overcharging.

I tried this on another laptop same as mine and I finally got the answer.

Thank you for your support.

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