Laptop is getting too hot to touch.

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My Laptop is getting too hot to even touch whenever I start to run any graphic intensive application or a game like the visual studio, how to solve this problem?

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Laptop is getting too hot to touch.


High end applications /soft wares/games require more work from the computer hardware, often requiring large chunks of main memory and processor cycles. This causes the hardware to work in overtime causing them to heat up, but laptops are designed in such a way that they take care of the excess heat generated, the heat sink and the CPU fan help the process too.

The reason your laptop may be heating too much is because either the heatsink has malfunctioned or it has been clogged by dust.

To resolve the issue you can open the back panel of your laptop, do remember to take out your battery before.

Clean up the visible parts and the heatsink openings, it may help you solve your problem.

If the problem persists you may need to get your laptop checked by a professional because the heatsink or another hardware device may have malfunctioned.

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Laptop is getting too hot to touch.


The temperature on the laptop is brought about by the applications you used. Usually, when you play a video game that has excellent graphics, it should be expected that the machine will become hot. This is because of the intensive processing of the graphics adapter.

Common applications that don’t require rigorous graphics processing like Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, Notepad, ESET Smart Security, and others will not cause the machine to heat up higher than normal. It will have an increase in temperature but not as high as when you are playing a PC game.

If the program you are using requires graphics processing, even if it is not a video game, your laptop will have an increase in temperature way above normal. You don’t have any control on the rise of the temperature because it is the effect of the program running. The only thing you can do is to keep the temperature low by means of a cooling fan.

Graphics adapter has a built-in cooling fan that controls the heat it generates. The processor also has its own cooling fan to maintain its temperature. Aside from that, the CPU itself includes a cooling fan that enables the circulation of cool air inside. Your laptop has all of these.

In case you are not satisfied and you think your laptop is very hot for you, you can purchase something called cooling pad for laptop. Sometimes the cooling system designed for a laptop is not enough especially if you are using applications with heavy graphic requirement. Because the cooling system is not enough, the machine sometimes shuts down untimely. And this can cause data loss on your side.

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