Error code-19 Blue Screen Error

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My desktop keeps getting a blue screen error message that reads:

***STOP: 0x0000007E (0x00000005, 0x805E492E, 0xF89303BC, 0xF89300B8)

Could you please help me fix it.


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Error code-19 Blue Screen Error


Your computer broke down. To fix the problem, you need to format your hard drive, reinstall your Windows operating system and then restore the date from the most recent back up, if you have a back up.

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Error code-19 Blue Screen Error


Hi Shaheryar,

The error you're facing is as a result of video card error or graphics card error or the operating system has crashed. I've also faced a similar problem. This is how I was able to solve the problem.

I tried booting the hard drives one at a time. You will also need to disconnect everything possible to be disconnected beginning, with the video card, sound card, CPU fan, until you are able to boot and the screen can display. All these operations you need to do, when your computer is switched off and disconnected from the power plug, so that you can plug in and retry.

You may also go to and look for a hotfix software. In another manual install method, you may need to disable Kernel Authentication mode, using the IIS manager.

  • Go to Start->Run, type Inetmgr.exe and click OK or press Enter.
  • In the IIS manager window, expand Server name, Websites, and click on the website you want to change.
  • Double click Authentication and click Windows Authentication to highlight it and click Advanced Settings in the Action pane.
  • Click on the Enable Kernel mode to clear.
  • After you disable kernel, you will need to restart the HTTP service. It will stop the IIS, Open command prompt and type these commands;
  • C:documents and settingsAdministratordesktop NET STOP HTTP
  • C:documents and settingsAdministratordesktop NET START HTTP
  • C:documents and settingsAdministratordesktop IIS RESTART

These commands will stop the HTTP service. The steps given should be able to solve your problem.


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Error code-19 Blue Screen Error


Blue Screen Error is commonly known by IT Pro's as "Blue Screen of Death Error" (BSoD) and "Stop Error." This happens when the operating system, a system error which is detracting. Stop error occurs mostly because of Driver and Hardware problems.

***STOP: 0x0000007E (0x00000005, 0x805E492E, 0xF89303BC, )xF89300B8)

Above error 0x0000007E, is commonly caused by the following:

  1. Driver incompatibility (if ever you update your driver example drivers for sound cards and video cards).
  2. Could be your computer is infected by a virus or malicious applications.
  3. The basic input/output system known as System BIOS is not compatible with Windows.
  4. May be caused by damaged and invalid registry keys.

The first thing to do is, check if your computer still has enough disk space. You need to delete unimportant files and unused programs, to save disk space by using Safe Mode that permits you to solve Windows problem. I suggest to visit link below to scan your computer.

Scan your computer here.

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