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Hi Friends at Techyv,

I have been using my laptop for four years now and now I am having this problem.  Whenever I turn it on, it suddenly asks for a password. I tried clicking the OK button and even tried to just “Enter” but it doesn’t work.

Can you tell me what could be wrong with my computer?

Thank you.

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Hi McIntosh Dale,

     Is your laptop used by the other users?  If It has been used by the others might probably someone has accidentally put a password on it and set himself/herself as the administrator.  You can try the following options:

  • try to split up your laptop and remove the battery for the longest hours.  After that, reassemble your laptop again and wait and see if  a password appears again.  If password still in your laptop try the second one.
  •  reformat your laptop so that you can remove the password which has been accidentally set by the other user.

Hope this mght help you.


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Computer has settings to set-up a password to secure the computer from someone else's not but you. This Windows NT log-in can be set by the administrator.

An administrator has the ability to configure and set a password on his own and all sub-users aside from you. Now, for some reasons, if computer now ask for a password then definitely there are changes made on the computer.

If you are the administrator of the computer, then you might set a password by accident without you noticing it. Now, if you are a sub-user then the primary user might change the settings and decide to set a password on every log-ins.

Now, the only way to get rid of the username and password is to get pass the log-in page. You can reset the password by going to the password hint. If you can still can't get pass this page, you need to shutdown the computer and re-log back in.

While on it's motion to reboot, press the F8 key and this will let you log-in on Safe Mode. Redo the password on the following steps;

Go to Start, Control Panel
User Accounts and Family Safety
User Accounts, then Change your Windows Password
You can also go to Add or Remove user accounts

Sharath Reddy