Shock and vibrate from HCL laptop

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I have purchased new HCL laptop with 3 pin power adapter and I keep getting shocks a little bit on my wrist when I am working in laptop in my office. I astonished if it has to do with the humidity just a bad design. It is too much disturbing at the working hours.How to recover?

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Shock and vibrate from HCL laptop


Hello Abram!

The best and the safest way for you to recover from this problem is to be a smart end-user. Don’t “do-it-yourself.” You already purchased a three-pronged connector that has a ground that eliminates grounded connection or outlet. Here are the best options for you.

1. All appliances or devices are covered with warranty. The most cost-effective and efficient-friendly decision here is to bring your laptop to a technician or the retail outlet. Do not do it by yourself. Most experienced or professionals will be our doctor here. Do not self-medicate your laptop. This is the only best resolution for your problem. I have the same issue with my desktop and laptop before, as

We other alternative ways to resolve your issue.

1. Asking one of local or office electrician to test the “grounded” outlets. It must be 0 volts and 0 ohms. Higher than that will off-course give you minor shock.

2. There are some brands and models that are recalled in the market. You have nothing to worry about this. You can ask for replacement with the use of the warranty. Removing the battery while your plug is connected. This is to help you if the problem is with in the battery, with in the laptop, and or with in the outlet and connector. If you remove the battery and stops tingling you, then the problem is the battery. Following the two steps above and still no result, start asking if there’s a faulty wire inside your laptop that might be causing this. You will still go back to our first option, ask a professional and let them conduct diagnostic tests.

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