Kaspersky may have slowed down maximum applications

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Most of my applications have slowed down including Mozilla Firefox browser after installing Kaspersky internet security. As I use internet almost all the time I need the internet security active so un installing the internet security is out of questions. I need to know how to make it work without even slowing down the pc. Kindly someone help me getting out of the problem.

Jayson Mars

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Kaspersky may have slowed down maximum applications



Kaspersky internet security is very good internet security, but it takes much resource from your computer to run. It is real time monitoring your all programs. That’s why your computer slows. To increase the speed you have to increase the resources. That means you have to increase your RAM and other hardware performances.

Before that defragment the hardDisk and stop all the unwanted software running on your computer.


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Kaspersky may have slowed down maximum applications


Hi, Jayson

If an Antivirus program is installed on any computer, it does reduce the speed of that computer because the antivirus program uses more resources from your computer resulting in slowing down the performance. Please check the following:

>>Check if there are no antivirus programs installed other than Kaspersky internet security on your computer.

 >>Upgrade your RAM

>>Perform Disk cleanup, Disk defragmentation at regular intervals.

>>Remove temporary files from your computer occasionally.

Thanks and regards,

Skarbos Jay.

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Kaspersky may have slowed down maximum applications


Hello Jayson,
Your computer requires more RAM/memory. That would solve your problem almost immediately. Recent softwares and/or applications developers presumes that your computer hardware meets the average requirement.

Ideally, a computer running Windows 7 now would require 4Gb of RAM, in fact by having more than 8Gb wouldn't give you any performance advantage.

Having 8Gb of RAM, your computer's only limitation would then be down to processor and hard disk transfers speed only. Although pricey, having an SSD as your primary Operating System drive or as paging (temporary paging file) cache drive would drastically improve your computing experience too.

However, at this moment, the only few options available is to not use Mozilla Firefox as it is known to bloat and bog down the system heavily and it has the tendency to cache so much that it causes unnecessary lag and browser hang/crash.

It would be prudent to switch over to Google Chrome as it performs better and quicker — it even feature it's own "task manager"  that enables you to close problematic tab. 

For the most part, severe lag and even browser crashes can be caused by some Flash items on the pages. 
If you do install Google Chrome, it is recommended that you install an ad-blocker to weed out Flash ads that could slow down your system.

Good luck!

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Kaspersky may have slowed down maximum applications


Dear Jayson,

The Kaspersky antivirus is a heavy program, You must meet the minimum system requirements in order to run the program smoothly without effecting the other applications simultaneously. You did not mention which system you are using and also the operating system. Due to the low ram it slows down the computer effecting all the applications to run slow. Here are the minimum system requirements for most popular Operating systems:

Windows XP:

– 512 MB of ram available

– 800 MHz processor (32 / 64 bit)

Windows 7:

– 1 GB of ram available (32 bit)

– 2 GB of ram available (64 bit)

– 1 GHz processor (32 / 64 bit)

Please make sure that you meet the minimum system requirements.


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Kaspersky may have slowed down maximum applications


Hello there,

Any kind of internet security software usually takes a good amount of space in the RAM, because it works all the time when your computer is on. There are few ways to freed up some space from the memory and from hard disk. You can try all of those. Usually those help a lot. Although if you are not satisfied with this speed than you can do another thing and that would cut the pressure on the RAM and can help you to speed up your work.

Right click on the computer, select properties and then click on the system properties or advance system properties. Now in advance tab you will get a section named “performance”, click on the settings. A new window will appear and from there select advance tab again and click on the change button. New window will appear there in middle you will get an option customized size. Select that radio and give double times space of the RAM in the “initial size” and give double of initial size in the “maximum size”. Now click on OK. It requires rebooting your system. Reboot your system and this will work well.

Thank you,

 Riley Weaver.

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