JCreator 5 Error: Cannot Find Home Directory

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I am using JDK 1.6.0 21 along with JCreator 5 to make my Java-based projects. Unfortunately, I keep on uninstalling and installing both applications because of a certain error I keep on getting: "Cannot find Home Directory." I am aware that the problem may be caused by how the applications have been installed, in the first place. I am now following the instructions provided in the manual.

I tried to install the applications on two different machines, a Windows XP and a Windows 7 computer, but I still receive the error message on any of these computers.

There must be something wrong with how I installed the applications.

I have been reading  a lot of solutions I can find on the Internet but nothing has worked, and now I am desperately seeking for any advice I can get from you guys.

I need to get on with my project since it has been delayed for a while now.



Javac file not found C:Program FilesXinox SoftwareJCreatorV3 LEMyProjectsProgram0202MortgageWindow . Java

Usage: javac <options> <source files>

Use -help for a list of possible options

Process completed.

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JCreator 5 Error: Cannot Find Home Directory


Dear Janetsbraswell,

You uninstall Jcreator and install again, now you are facing some problem. Please follow my instruction; I hope it will help you to solve your problem.

01.   Uninstall JDK and Jcreator again.

02.   Delete the directory files from computer. Go to local disk C, then program files and then find JDK and Jcreator folder. Just delete both folder if found.

03.   Restart your computer.

04.   Go to run and type “temp” then press enter. Delete all the files from here. (Some files may not be deleted, no problem, skip them) then again go to run and type “%tmp%” and then press enter. Delete all files from here also.

05.   Now again restart the computer.

06.   Install both those software now. First install Jcreator and then JDK.

07.   Restart the computer.

I hope now the software will run well.

Have a nice day.

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