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Big Jambox added new smartspeaker to its portable wireless speakers. It has a rich sound experience in large indoor and outdoor spaces. Is the speaker can accommodate two Bluetooth enabled devices?

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Jawbone recently revealed their new Big Jambox wireless speakers with upcoming new experience for the customers. It gives you a lot and a huge entertainment will be added to your sound experiences.

Though there's also some probability that, it may don't be bit the apples existing speakers docs. However who knows the future. Take a view this new device features. Really it will add new experience for you that you haven't ever.

Huge entertainment will be added to your sound experiences

You want to know about it's Bluetooth inability. Basically it enables with these types of wireless features-

You can able to stream all your digital media from any of Bluetooth devices and control the Big Janbox around the room where you stay. It's not mentioned in the features, is it accommodated with two or more Bluetooth devices. But seems like yes, you can.

So move on with jawbone's new Big jambox.