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Author: Zebbena Laz
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For so long I didn't use or didn't care about the JAVA in my computer and then comes my nephew who is a little bit techy, he viewed a certain site that needs the updated java to run, so he tried to update my java and then he come to me to let me see the error.

Java Setup

Installation Failed

The wizard was interrupted before Java(TM) 7 Update 5 could be completely installed. To Complete installation at another time, please run setup again.

Click "OK" to exit the wizard.

Open Java Help.

what the hell do I know about that? Im not that really techy so please help me.

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Hello Zebbena,

The simplest resolution to the error that you are getting right now will be the following:

  • First you will need to revert the file.
  • And then after that you will upgrade it,
  • And then modify the file.

The only thing that will have changed in that file for JDK 6 is the package.access property.

You can try downloading the file again. Just go to the following link and then try downloading the file from there: ,and then run it and see if it will be able to update successfully.

Hope this helps.



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At first you should install JDK (java developer kit's)  on your computer. After downloading JDK you have to follow their simple instructions. Then the basic way to click on the start button, click  "run" and type in CMD. If you did not not set up path then you should go to bin directory. If you set up path then you can run java in any folder as you want to setup. Then you can edit as you like . thanks