How to create program using Java? Please help

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Hi guys, I want to create a Java program which should respond to my website users like if a user answer or comment on my website then it should add stats as plus one and the user does not have answered or comments till now it should shaow as ‘zero’.So please tell me is it possible to create such kind of program using Java for my website if yes please guide me how to do it and where I can gets its tutorials.Thanks in advance.

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How to create program using Java? Please help


Hi Donald,

It is possible to create a program like the way you want in Java. In fact, it is much easier to do in Java. However, you will be needing some tools first. Here is a list:

1. Dr. Java or Eclipse to write the code and run in a virtual machine.

2. Java SDK.

Also, you need to have the programming knowledge of Java. If you know C/C++ beforehand, it will be easy for you to master. There are some very good websites for the tutorial. I have listed the two I think are best.

1. Official tutorial from Oracle can be found here.

2. Udemy is a very good site for the beginners.


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