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I do not have this problem when I'm using Mac but when I installed iTunes in Windows, sometimes it freezes, sometimes it quits, and sometimes it wont open that I have to restart Windows to make it work. What possible fix can I do to prevent iTunes from having this problem in the future?

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If your iTunes unexpectedly quits, or there are other issues like freezing on Windows OS, you may try the following steps to have this issue resolved:

  • Start iTunes in Safe mode to isolate the issue in case there are any interference with plug-ins or scripts that were not manufactured by Apple.
    • Hold down the Shift+CTRL keys while opening iTunes to see the prompt pertaining to iTunes already running in safe mode before it finishes starting up.
    • Click on continue, then determine if the issue is still the same.
  • Create a New Account.
    • Go to Start.
    • Click on Control Panel.
    • Open Add or Remove User Accounts (or the Manage another account).
    • Choose Create a new account.
    • Log-off from Start menu.
    • Login to the new account.
    • Open iTunes.

If the issue is happening due to User-specific or System-wide reasons, you may go to for further troubleshooting steps to have this matter resolve.

Tanok Bloran