Is it safe to delete config.msi in my root drive?

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I’ve been wondering if it is safe to delete config.msi folder in my root drive of my windows. I’ve open the folder and found out that there are some files with the extensions of .RBS and RBF. What are those files by the way?  I tried to delete the file but before that I save a backup of them in my USB flash drive just in case an error will occur on my computer system. So far I haven’t encountered any errors,  my computer seems to work normal as before. But for precautionary measure I haven’t deleted the backup files yet, as long as I’m not sure of what the files are for. 

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Is it safe to delete config.msi in my root drive?



Basically YES! But if you delete that file during or while you are in installation process, it might affect your installation process. Meaning, your system is safety when deleting CONFIG.MSI only if you don’t have any installation process. In general CONFIG.MSI is safe to delete after any installation.


From the folder name “CONFIG” which meaning is configuration and the extension name (actually folder doesn’t have extension name but as the folder naming format is the same with naming files we assume that the name after the dot is the extension name) “MSI” which is derived from Microsoft Installer/Installation, we can conclude that it is a Microsoft Installation Configuration Files or Folder.

Config.msi is located in the root directory where your operating system was installed. Most of the operating system folder is installed or located on drive C by default. The folder attributes is hidden and it contains files named with an extension of RBS and RBF. The file named with an extension of RBS is what we called the Roll Back Script which is used to roll back or aborting the installation process. While the RBF is the Roll Back Files the data or the configuration file where the installation process was installing the components needs of the installed application.

The CONFIG.MSI folder was not created by neither the operating system nor a virus. It was created during installation of Microsoft Products for the basis or guide of installation. After a successful installation of the Microsoft product, the installation process will then deleted the CONFIG.MSI folder. Sometimes CONFIG.MSI folder wasn’t deleted by the host file or the installation file for several reasons.

I wonder if Adobe Photoshop install or create a CONFIG.MSI folder during installation. I do believe that CONFIG.MSI was only created by Microsoft Installers or Product.

Before deleting the file, we must show first our hidden files stored on our hard disk. Here’s how to delete the file:

  1. Open your windows explorer (Not the internet explorer).
  2. Select drive C or the drive where you used to boot up.
  3. Click Tools on the Menu Bar.
  4. Select Folder Options dialog box pops-up on the screen.
  5. Click the View tab.
  6. On the Advance settings, just below the label, Click the “Files and Folders”
  7. Click “Hidden Files and Folders”
  8. Select the option button with the label Show hidden files and folder.
  9. Below the label, you may find a “Managing pairs of Web pages and folders.
  10. Select “Show both parts and manage them individually”
  11. Then finally click OK then proceed on deletion.
  12. On your windows Explorer, select the folder name “CONFIG.MSC” then press delete on the keyboard.
  13. Confirm the deletion press Ok.


You can delete also the files by using the command prompt. Remember that the folder is located in the root directory and it is a hidden file/folder. We need to change the attribute the folder and files inside that folder.

Here’s how to delete the CONFIG.MSI on the DOS prompt or the command prompt.

  1. Go to the root folder on your drive (usually the drive C) by type this command on the prompt "CD"
  2. Then type/encode this command: “attrib config.msi –s –h –r –a."
  3. You will then see the folder without using the /ah parameter on the DIR command.
  4. Then type “DEL CONFIG.MS” then press “Y” to confirm the deletion process.
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Is it safe to delete config.msi in my root drive?



Essentially config.msi contains all files that are installed and of all updates. To safely remove config.msi follow this simple steps

1) Open My Computer

2) Click on Tools, Folder Options

3) Click on the View tab

4) Under the Hidden Files and Folders section, select "Show Hidden Files and Folders"

5) Click Ok

To find config.msi

1) Open My Computer

2) Double-click on Drive C (or whatever drive Windows is installed on)

3) Look for the MSCONFIG.MSI folder (it should be a faded folder since its hidden)

4) Right-click on the MSCONFIG.MSI folder and choose Delete

5) Click Yes to confirm deletion of the folder and files

6) Close the My Computer window

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