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Is it possible to sort the windows start menu icons alphabetically? If possible how can?

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Many times your icons on the windows start menu are not organized. You have to follow these following steps if you really want to find a program with a simple way.

  • Click the start menu on the left bottom corner of your main window
  • Setting and click the Taskbar, go to start menu/window 7 users click on start,
  • Type in Taskbar and Start Menu click enter. Click the start menu tab from the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties,
  • You can see the customize button click on it,
  • Then click the sort button if you performed all work fruitfully than all icons will be organized in the windows start menu.
  • Now you can simply find any program.


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Hallo Nicatail,

There are options that you can use to sort your windows icon in and you can see them when you right click on the desktop of your computer. You will see the formats as below:

Therefore, as you can see in the above image, the formats the you can use to sort your windows icons include the following:

  • Sort by name.
  • Sort by size.
  • Sort by the item type.
  • Sort by the date modified.

Other formats apart from these I am not sure if they can be installed, by as far as I know the above are the main ones.


Mahesh Babu