IrfanView can’t connect to device TWAIN error

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I have been using IrfanView for quite some time , and I have found it good and useful. I have the latest version downloaded and installed on my Windows XP machine.

When I try to select some source file I am not able to find anything in the list. It seems to be empty. I try to acquire from the list I get the following error message.

TWAIN error!

Can’t connect to device or the TWAIN driver is not enabled!

Any ideas of why I am not able to find my files in the list?

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IrfanView can’t connect to device TWAIN error


Hi Deborahbaker.

First of all you need to know what TWAIN or TWAIN driver is doing to your computer.

Basically TWAIN driver’s act’s like a blood vessel of your software (IrfanView) to your computer so that your computer can read imaging devices such digital camera’s, scanner’s etc. The universal standard provided by TWAIN drivers allow the possibility for all image handling software installed on a computer to be able to recognize the information that is provided by imaging devices which are connected to the computer system. TWAIN drivers are automatically installed on a computer system whenever the software (IrfanView) for digital cameras or scanners is installed.

If your computer is showing this error message to you,

TWAIN error!

Can’t connect to device or the TWAIN driver is not enabled!

Here are some solutions you might want to try.

  • You might have installed other imaging software that cause’s conflict to IrfanView.
  • Try to look at it and uninstall the software that has the same use as Irfanview.
  • Try to uninstall IrfanView – Reboot PC – Install Irfanview.
  • Update IfranView to its latest version.
  • Try to clean your registry use some system utilities software.

Hope this helps!



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IrfanView can’t connect to device TWAIN error


To better understand what twain is, TWAIN is an API or an Applications Programming Interface and communications protocol that controls communication between digital imaging devices like digital cameras and image scanners, and the software. TWAIN really depends on the device’s driver called Data Source. That’s why if you are having an error with TWAIN then maybe you are accessing an imaging device that is not present or disconnected.

Or maybe the driver is not installed. Since you are using IrfanView and you are trying to access some files, check if your target path is pointing to an imaging device. Maybe you only selected the wrong button. Instead of clicking your hard drive, you clicked the imaging devices which will then trigger TWAIN.

If your target path is really an imaging device, make sure it is connected to your computer. If it is connected, check if it is online and not turned off. If it is turned off, turn it on and then try again. You should be able to browse for the files now.

But if the device is still unreachable, try reinstalling the driver of your imaging device. Also, make sure the USB cable connecting the device to your computer is not damaged. It will also help if you update IrfanView. Download the latest version, IrfanView 4.37.

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