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I have an iPod in frequent use.  Sometimes forget to charge it and it makes me feel uneasy, since I travel everyday from home to school back and fourth.

My only resort to kill the boredom of the trips I make is by listening to my iPod. Now, is it possible to charge the iPod without detecting the unit via laptop? Not disabling the USB  port of my laptop of course.

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May be iPod charging cable, is a problem.  Otherwise there is no other problem with iPod charging.

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I am not sure if I understand your problem. You are trying to charge your iPod via laptop but as the unit is not displayed, you are not sure if your iPad will charge?

What have you noticed? Even the unit is not displayed, is the iPad being charged?

If the iPad is being charged,  is it not displayed, then try to restart your iPad, sometimes it helps. If it does not work, reset the iPad by turning the hold button, on and off until the iPad is not switched off.

If it does not help, try to reinstall your iTunes and restore your iPad but do that just as a last option, because you will loose everything on your iPad. So, before you do that, maybe you should try to contact your technical support to ask.

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I think that your charging storage of iPod is very low !

But there isn't any problem when you're charging your iPod through you Notebook or Laptop cause both have the USB ports and all you have to do is just connect it to that port.