Internet Mobile Connection Problem in Android

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My son use my Android tablet, and for some reasons, I was unable to connect to the internet through WiFi.

I don't know how and what are the settings that I should configure to be able to fix this.

I am running an ICS Android device.

Please help.

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Internet Mobile Connection Problem in Android


Hello Ryan Lewis,

First of all, your son's tablet has to have the latest update of the Android software.
Second of all, you have to check if your Modem is connected to the internet, because it is not connected properly to the internet, that may be one part of the problem.

Although, if your Modem works just fine and you have your tablet's software up to date, then you make sure you follow the next steps. These are the steps that should fix your WiFi problems:
1. Go to the Home Screen and open the Settings application:
2. Go to WiFi Settings;
3. Choose a WiFi Network from the list and then press the Connect button.

That is all. If your Modem have a password requirement, after you press the Connect button, that password will be required.

Take care!

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Internet Mobile Connection Problem in Android


First of all, have you check on your internet connection if it's firm or stable? Also, if you think this is the problem, try to reset your modem or router. And then from your Android device, go to Wireless settings and forget the SSID or the network where you are connected. And then try to connect again. Other things you can do to fix this are:

1. Reboot your tablet.

2. Do a factory reset on your Android device.

3. Try changing your router's channel by going to its default settings page. Login to it and then change the channel. There might be some conflicts on the channels.

4. Download WiFix in Google Play. It can fix your IP automatically.

Android ICS 4.0 doesn't have a Wi-Fi Settings option. You just enter the settings and turn on the Wi-Fi. But there is no actual settings tab that will let you choose on where to connect with your network. So its a bit confusing. To see and select the network of your choice, you need to tap Wi-Fi. There is no slider for turning it on or off and it will take you to the wireless settings options. You can choose the network you want there.

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Internet Mobile Connection Problem in Android


Hi Ryan Lewis 

Check out this Techyv page because this post is also addressed your problem too. Visit this page and get more idea.

In my iPhone 4 error as “unable to join the network”


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