How to fix Internet Explorer that Opens Automatically?

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I have never experienced this type of problem before. My internet explorer is opening automatically time and time again. Basically I am using Firefox 3.6.17 and use Internet Explorer occasionally. I guess this is happening for virus attack and checked every drive by kaspersky antivirus and it is a licensed version.

But not getting any virus and nothing has changed. I can’t uninstall internet explorer because I need to use it to open and print some special PDF format documents which is not compatible to any other web browser. I have also searched on the internet for the solution but unable to find it.

I found this site very helpful and hope there will be a solution.

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How to fix Internet Explorer that Opens Automatically?


I understand your concerns. I'm sure it is surprising to have something like this happen. From what I understood in what you have described this is not an issue where Internet Explorer launches on startup if that had been the case I would have thought a settings issue was causing this. It sounds like you have tried the right steps in running the kaspersky Antivirus. This still sounds like a malware or spyware issue that your virus database may not be locating. Since you have licensed virus protection I would suggest a free program like Malwarebytes, Spybot Search & Destroy or Ad-Aware.

The only flaw with virus programs is that they cannot be completely one hundred percent accurate against all viruses, spyware, malware, etc. There is always something changing and a backup plan will usually resolve the issue that may have been missed by your primary program. There is no harm or expense involved in trying to determine where the issue is.

Malware can cause the issue you are having and unfortunately there would have been no way to know it had been downloaded. The primary method of spreading malware is by having you complete what appears to be a legitimate software download. That is where knowing where and how to locate safe sites is going to be critical.

Try to use manufacturer sites for software downloads. If you are using third party sites try using or These are examples of know sites for software downloads without risk of damage to your PC. Malware is spread in one of two ways. It either attaches itself to good files and is executed in various ways. It can be by something as simple as opening the browser. It is most often downloaded through false cookies and cache files that the browser automatically opens. Malware biggest enemy has been the success and advances of your email scanners.

The advances have led to the issue impacting users by way of the internet. Most often malware is housed in a temporary folder that can be deleted through your browsers tools menu. If it is a particular code that writes itself into the system filed on your computer it will be impossible to remove. This will ultimately affect initially the applications causing them to crash and then the operating system itself will suffer.

I realize that you cannot uninstall Internet Explorer completely due to the PDF files that you are working with. If the malware scan does not detect an issue I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the browser. This is an easy solution since you have Firefox installed as well. Make sure you have a stable internet connection before you complete the download to eliminate any corrupt files and a lengthy call to Microsoft. If you have a copy of the recovery disk from your PC the installation can be completed from there as well.

The last options that you would have to consider if malware is detected and not removed, would be to allow an IT professional to try to disable or remove the affected files. This can be costly and time consuming. There are some systems file that if affected the malware cannot be removed. If you run into an instance such as this you may want to consider backing up your data and reinstalling Windows. That is a time consuming and frustrating experience.

I would recommend the malware scans first, always restarting the computer when completed. Make sure all programs are updated correctly before proceeding. If the issue resolves itself short term and reoccurs or you begin to notice issues with other applications then more decisions will need to me made. Since this just began hopefully it will be an easy resolution.

If none of these suggestions help or there are other issues that have begun taking place please post them and additional feedback will be provided.

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How to fix Internet Explorer that Opens Automatically?


This is an extremely common problem because of the amounts of damaged software, malware that gets installed or because of bad settings.  If internet explorer or another internet browser is opened automatically, it could cause problems to your computer if you run other software or programs.

To solve the issue, you will need to check the following things:
1. Windows installation disk
2. Your computer software
3. Your internet connection
You also should try the following repairs and resets.
1. Before restarting the computer, you need to disconnect the connection to the internet. If your computer uses a wireless connection,  you should disable the wireless LAN. Then restart the computer. Opening any windows automatically by Internet Explorer would be stopped temporarily.
2. If Internet Explorer keeps opening windows, then you should restart in Safe Mode. To start in Safe Mode, you need  press F8 key before the menu is seen or until it prompts you to. Select ""Safe Mode"" by using the arrow key and then press Enter. Do not choose ‘Safe Mode with Networking’.
3. When  XP is entered, click Start on the taskbar, then Control Panel, and then  Internet Options.  
a. On the Privacy tab, choose the Default option. Find the Block pop-up option and choose Settings. Find and click Remove
All and Close. 
b. When you find the Programs tab, click Manage Add-ons. Click and disable the add-ons. 
c. On the General tab, locate and select Delete Files, Delete Cookies and delete all of the offline contents. 
d. On the Advanced tab, select Reuse windows for launching certain shortcuts. Choose Okay or yes.
e. Go back to options and click Security tab, and set the Default Level to Internet zone. 
4. After, that you need to choose Security Center and select On for the ""Automatic Updates"", ""Firewall"" and ""Virus Protection"". If you do not have the virus protection on, activate it  Also be sure that your virus protection is updated.  
5. Reconnect to the Internet and see if internet explorer still continues to open any windows.
6. You will have to repair the program if the issue still exists. To repair it, the Windows installation files on the hard drive or the original installation disk is required.  After the repair process is complete, you should restart the computer.
If your computer uses Windows Vista, select the Control Panel. Find and click Internet Options. On the Advanced tab,  choose Reset and then click okay. This may  be available on XP, as well, but it would be determined by the program version. See if  this will work before using the following instructions.
If your computer uses XP, click Start. In Run or search, type in sfc /scannow. Choose Okay or press enter. If a Windows installation disk is needed, insert it. After that, restart the device and see if the problem pursuits. If the problem still continues, back up all your files and data and then re-install Windows.
I really hope this helps.
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How to fix Internet Explorer that Opens Automatically?



I have had this problem several times.
To resolve the problem,  select ‘Start’ from the taskbar and click ‘Startup’. Then find ‘Internet Explorer’ in the lists of programs and then delete it.  You will also need to check the homepage settings and change the homepage address to ‘about: blank’.  
Then follow these steps.
1. Open the Internet Explorer program.
2. Find and select the ‘Tools’ menu.
3. Select ‘Internet Options’.
4. Click 'Use Blank'
5. Finally, click ‘Apply’ or okay.

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