When click Hyperlink in Outlook 2007 error message pops up

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I am a regular Firefox user and loving it. A few days ago I upgraded to Firefox 4 version, to enjoy the new features. 

But I found some critical options and also I am having problems with some of the add-ons. So, I reinstalled the previous version again. But after that I can’t open some of the hyperlinks in Outlook 2007. 

If I click on the hyperlink of a message, the error message pops up and suggest contacting with the administrator for the solution.

Microsoft Office Outlook Error

Microsoft Office Outlook

This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.

But I am the administrator of my PC.

I tried to access those messages by creating a new user with administrative power but an error message still comes up.  

Do you have any suggestion?

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When click Hyperlink in Outlook 2007 error message pops up


Hi there my name is Bobie,

The problem you are having is most likely due to the fact that at the time you installed Firefox 4, it was set that it is the default program to open links from Outlook. When you removed it, something went wrong causing the error. There must be an error that occurred in the default browser that will open Outlook links there are two things you can try:

  1. Reinstall Firefox 4 for a while and make it your default main browser, see if the links will work. If it does, change your default browser to IE, uninstall Firefox 4, revert to the previous version and then set that as your default browser.
  2. Another workaround is, set IE as the default browser. Try if the links work now and then set Firefox 4 again as your default browser.

This error occurs because Outlook doesn't know where to open the link. So in order to try and refresh and tell Outlook where to open the link you should follow the instructions above.

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When click Hyperlink in Outlook 2007 error message pops up



If you’re using Windows XP, You click the start menu button ; Then go to the Control Panel and simply double-click the Add or Remove programs. After that, set the programs access and default it ; Then click the custom under that ; Choose a default web browser and click the Internet Explorer and click ok.

If you’re using Windows Vista and Windows 7, Try to go to the Start menu button; Click and then click the Default programs; Simply click the set program access and go to the computer's default ; Click Custom ; Select Internet Explorer and click ok and close Microsoft Outlook and re-open again.

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