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Intel may be opening its doors for Windows Phone on its chips. Will their design be able to support Windows phone requirements? Will this work out?

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Hi Sharipcheney,

Intel has openly announced that they are going to support Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system on its chips.

Intel is waiting with patience and trying a lot of ways for Windows Phone platform, which has limited commercial success, but still won some critical praise. Inspite of this uncertainty on its success, Intel is largely confident on the continued success on the most widely adopted mobile operating system in the world i.e. none other than Google’s Android platform. Intel is hoping that Android can take its presence to top in the mobile business, an area where companies such as Qualcomm and Samsung Electronics dominate the chip business with their ARM-based processors.

Intel had previously invested in a platform with Nokia called Meego, which turned into Tizen, a platform which has supports even Samsung. But still there are a lot of companies reluctant to choose x86 over ARM, even though Intel has drawn in supporters such as Motorola which is now a unit of Google, and ZTE.

Intel, however, told ComputerWorld that the company could easily support Windows Phone on x86, and that they started investing in this new project and showing continuous improvement

Hence most probably, by the time Intel’s x86 chips gets matured enough for mobile phone devices, Windows Phone platform will be popular and Intel will bring its chips to Windows Phone platform.

- Charle Faru