How to delete hyberfil.sys file from the system ??

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Hi! I have this certain hyberfil.sys file in my drive D:. I used to have hyberfil.sys files in my drive C: until I transferred them to drive D:. Now, I need to delete these files because they are taking up too much space; it almost occupied 2GB of the memory. I couldn’t delete them, not even after trying it on hibernation mode. Do you guys have any idea how to delete these files? I’m looking forward to your help. Thank you.

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How to delete hyberfil.sys file from the system ??



The hyberfile.sys is used by the windows to store the current state of memory when the system is in hibernate mode, and these files cannot be deleted in ordinary way.

In order to delete these files in:

 Win 7 or vista you have to:

·         Click on start, write command prompt, and on the commandpromt.exe, right click and open via administrator

·         Now on the command prompt type:  powercfg -h off

·         You will notice that  the hibernate option is removed from the shutdown menu

·         You will also notice that the hyberfile.sys is removed from your D drive

Now in Win XP

·         Simply Navigate to Control Panel –> Power Options, Hibernate tab.

·         Uncheck the enable hibernation box, reboot your PC, and then you can delete the hiberfil.sys file



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