Installation of Final Cut Studio 3 fails due to a Protection Error

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I have been using the Final Cut Studio installed on my iMac for about 3 years now. Recently, I bought a Mac G5 and tried installing the Final Cut Studio on this machine as well. However, the software does not work with my G5 and reports a protection error that prevents the application from running on two computers of the same network. Is there a condition limiting the number of machines on to which one can install Final Cut Studio? A friend of mine claims to have installed the software on at least 3 different machines without receiving an error. However, I seem to consistently get this error if I try to install this software. Is this an issue with my product license? Please advice on how to fix this problem. I need Final Cut Studio to work on both machines in the network. Thanking you for all the help given in advance.



Protection Error

This application cannot continue because another application with an identical serial number is already running on another computer on your network.

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Installation of Final Cut Studio 3 fails due to a Protection Error


Then my hunch is right. You cannot fix this unless you disconnect the other computer from the network. Installing the same application on several different computers over the network or that are connected in a local area network is possible but it depends on the application’s license when it is purchased.

Sometimes when purchasing a license for a particular software it provides you with an option whether to purchase a license for a single computer or for multiple computers and it specifies there how many computers are allowed to use the same license code. If the purchased license for the software is good only for one single machine then you can only install it on one computer.

If you tried to install it on more than one computer, let say two or three, this is already in violation of the program’s EULA or the End-User License Agreement where it states the number of computers the application can be installed to. But even if you purchase a license code for multiple computers, it still indicates the number of computers allowed and you cannot exceed it.

In your case, if you don’t want to purchase a new license code for the Final Cut Pro Studio, you need to disconnect the other computer from the network so you can still use it. But remember, whenever you use it and for how long, during the time that Final Cut Pro Studio is in use you cannot connect your computer to the internet because it will be detected and will force the application to terminate.

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