Inaccessible Boot Device with Blue Screen

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Hi Techs,

I have a Windows 2000 operating system on a Dell OptiPlex GX270 home computer and I am experiencing a problem with starting up. I am getting a blue screen with this error message: 0x0000007B Inaccessible Boot Device

I would like to know how to get rid of this error, as my computer will not boot up completely. I tried running the computer on safe mode, safe mode with networking and the other mode, but still,  could not get to load Windows.

I heard from a friend that it could be because of a virus, but how can I scan my system when I cannot even get to my desktop? Please help me.

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Inaccessible Boot Device with Blue Screen


Hallo Greg,

Your computer would not boot-up properly, showing a blue screen with inaccessible boot device error. First we need  to ensure that the hard-disk is not dead. For this we need to obtain the ultimate bootable CD from You  can use bootable CD web pages  e. g. barts PE. Remove Firefox or Explorer to make CD iso-file smaller.

Run the bootable CD to check the utility report for some bad, uncorrectable data errors or write protected media. Now that we know our hard disk is okay , as it can be accessed, download the test utility from the hard drive manufacturer's site(Western Digital) and run it. The Windows utility fixes the blocks error but not the stop error message.

Rebuild the ubcd4win ; run Antivirus i. e.  Avira and Kaspersky, which will report what type of virus and where it is e. g. BOOTdSS which is a boot sector virus. These are the steps to fix this:

1 .Boot the PC from UBCD4WIN and run MBRwizard(master boot) (Start/Programs/DiskTools/Partition/MBRWizard).      

2. Use option above to look at your MBR info and use option 8 and save MBR on your hard drive.

3. Run Avira through saved MBR file. It should detect virus in the saved MBR file.

4. Choose option to wipe MBR on the first 63 sectors.

Exit and reboot PC using Safe Mode.  Hopefully it will work and run different virus checks.  Remove other viruses and Trojan you may have.

If this doesn’t work ; enter BIOS setup, when turning on the computer by pressing F2 or delete button. Set hard disk mode from ACHI to compatibility mode.

If it doesn’t work, boot from Win 2000 CD and choose the first R for Recovery Console. When this opens, run Chkdsk /r.  If it returns with  errors recovered, continue to run it until there are no more errors. Should Chkdsk fail to fix the errors, try MHHD available from their web site or in the UBCD ISO.

Hope it will work this time.

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Inaccessible Boot Device with Blue Screen


Hello friend!

This is a very common error which is faced by many people while using windows 2000 on personal computer or generally standalone computer. The main cause of this error is our computer's RAM. This is caused due to low or in sufficient memory. Windows 2000 is a heavy software which requires sufficient disk space to be free and a good capacity of RAM available specially at the time of boot process. As when computer has boot properly it starts to utilize the free space of hard disk as memory but while starting it needs a great deal of memory. So, the important thing is that you must check your computer’s RAM for this problem.

Hope it works.


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