IMessage – Two email ids can’t obtain anything

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I hope someone among you can help me with my iMessages problem. Currently, I have three email ids/numbers for getting iMessages. Nothing is wrong with my cell phone number. I checked it with a trial text. My two email ids had no problem either, but now they cannot obtain anything. They send things easily, however.

There are several things which I attempted. First, I stopped iMessage using the application settings and re-activated it. I also did a routine. Nothing helped. It would be really great to get a solution for you if you have any.

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IMessage – Two email ids can’t obtain anything


Hi Gran Wesner,

This may happen due to following reasons.

1. Service of iMessage is down for few times from the server

2. You have updated your phone OS.


1. Settings>>Messages>>Send and Receive>>your mobile number (####)

2. Try resetting your phone.

This will help you to over come a iMessage problem with your phone.


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IMessage – Two email ids can’t obtain anything


Hi Gran,

Imessage on MacBook

I can understand that you are facing problems with imessages. I can help you with this.

First I want you to please make sure if you have an active data connection, make sure that you have a data connection on your phone or system where you are using the service.

Even if you have an active data connection and it is not working fine, then I would recommend that you please uninstall the application, and then reinstall the same and then reconfigure it. This might be a problem with the application and how it is configured, so once you reconfigure the application it should work fine.

Bell Keny.

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