I want to improvise the battery backup

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Hello friends,

My battery of Compaq laptop is not giving backup more than one hour when I have set the power plan to very low.

Can anyone help to improvise the power backup?

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I want to improvise the battery backup


Hi there , 

I think you need help regarding increasing the battery backup of your Laptop. 

1. If your battery level goes very below the Compaq specifications then it seems your battery is unhealthy 

Contact your Compaq for replacement of a battery. 


If you are computer geek then find the suitable battery in eBay or amazon or flipkart then buy it and install it.

2. If not then .

Decrease the Brightness or put the lowest brightness . This is the best method to increase battery backup.

Exit all useless and processor consuming apps that runs in background.

Drain first your battery to full empty atleast once in a week and then recharge it fully. 

Search in Google for Battery Optimizer applications for windows and download it and install it.

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I want to improvise the battery backup


If that’s the current state of your battery, it probably now requires a replacement. The total lifespan of a laptop’s battery or any other battery depends on how you use your computer. The more often you charge, the faster its lifespan will decrease. All rechargeable batteries have limited lifespan and its average lifespan is determined by the cycle count which is then equivalent to charge and discharge.

Compaq laptop battery

In a laptop computer, the average lifespan of a Li-Ion battery is about 700 to 800 cycles and normally lasts around 2 to 3 years. According to Apple, you can allow your laptop to be connected to the charger even when the battery is full. This will not damage the battery. In this state, the laptop will run on AC power instead of battery.

But you need to let your laptop to run on battery at least once a month to allow the battery to discharge normally. The idea here is simple. When the battery is charging and it reaches the full charge capacity, there is a mechanism in the laptop’s power supply that will stop the charging of the battery and shifts to AC power.

When the laptop is running on AC, the battery will remain at its level without discharging therefore preventing the cycle count from decreasing and prolonging its life. Since you are using a Compaq laptop, go to Compaq Laptop Batteries and look for a compatible battery for your laptop. Here, you need to provide the model number of the battery which you can find in the battery itself.

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