Error occurred which probably prevented proper execution of program:

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I am using Mac operating system now I want to play one movie in this operating system but when it try to play movie then I receive below error.

I also downloaded classic media player and some other from internet may be it resolve problem but I can’t get success.


An error has occurred which probably prevented the proper execution of the program:

If you believe it is a bug, please follow the instructions at:

Do not display further errors


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Error occurred which probably prevented proper execution of program:


I sometimes encounter this error when I'm browsing some videos on my PC.

Sometimes the problem there is the video file.

Its video content does not match the extension name that is used.

For example, an FLV video file has an extension name of .avi.

If your video player supports playing of .avi video files but does not recognize FLV files, then an error window will pop up next. Or sometimes the other way around.

If an error appeared while you are attempting to play a video, check the file if it is supported by your player.

If it is supported, you can check the file’s content by:

  1. Right-clicking on the file and choosing Open With from the menu.
  2. Click on Choose Program then browse for Notepad. Wait for Notepad to load the file. After the file has been loaded, at the beginning you will see a hint of what really is the format of the file.

You can also use other file viewer.

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