I want to clarify things about open office logo maker application

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I'm new to open office, yet I think it's better over Microsoft office. Anyways, here's the thing: I want to design a company logo which will be printed on different mediums. I already made a design, now I just have to create it. I heard that there are things to be considered before doing so.

I also read that several people recommend Open Office Draw for vector graphics or an open office logo maker. The problem is that I'm not a graphic designer and I don't know what issues I should consider before I start. Some things I want to clarify would be as follows:

(1) What is the canvas size I should make the logo with?

(2) What file-format should I save the logo?

(3) What are the settings should I use in OpenOffice?

(4) Are there any tutorials about logo-design in OpenOffice?

(5) What are other necessary things I must keep in mind?

I hope to hear from you guys soon.


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I want to clarify things about open office logo maker application


Hello Levi,

Here I am giving your answers:

1. You can use any size Company Logo but for best results, I recommend using images 80 pixels wide x 50 pixels high.
2. For the web you can save as a GIF, JPG or png file  &  EPS for printing
3. You do not need any particular settings in openoffice for making logos.
4. Process:
·         Open your open office software

·         Click on the "Drawing" button< start Draw

·         Select "Filled Curve" or "Filled Polygon" tool from bottom toolbar<click on canvas< start adding points outline the shape of your logo< Double click to close a shape.

·         Select one of the shapes you drew<Click on "Area Style Filling" <choose the color of your logo<Repeat this to fill in the rest of the logo <save your work.

5. For more details visit this site


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