I need to install search engine optimisation software

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I have to do some researches and my computer is acting so slow. It is a 6-year-old Dell laptop and I have to constantly reboot it to improve its performance. I am using Internet Explorer and Google chrome to do the research. I don't want to do the rebooting forever so is there any search engine optimisation software that I can install on my laptop?

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I need to install search engine optimisation software


Hi Lindaichoi

SEO Power Suit is the software you are seeking for it can do the hard work for you like :

  • Keyword research.
  • Creating quality content that can give you high ranking in short period.
  • Optimize your website structure for the crawler and build high quality links for you.
  • Estimate your ranking and performance in the organic search results.
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I need to install search engine optimisation software


It really doesn’t matter if your computer is old or new. It’s just a matter of maintaining your system to get an optimized performance. Let’s just compare my desktop computer with my sister’s laptop. My computer is a small form-factor Dell OptiPlex GX260 series that runs on 3.0 GHz Intel Pentium 4, 2 GB RAM, and built-in Intel video card with 64 MB video RAM.

My sister’s laptop is an Acer Aspire model that runs on 2.2 GHz Dual-Core processor, 3 GB RAM, and video card with 256 MB video RAM. Both machines run on the same operating system: Microsoft Windows XP. When booting both machines, my old Dell PC boots in less than a minute while her Acer laptop finishes the booting in less than two minutes.

My Dell computer is well maintained because I use it every day for my work and it is maintained every Saturday while her Acer laptop is completely neglected. She uses it once or twice a week and she doesn’t do any maintenance on the machine. To improve the performance of your machine, create a weekly schedule of its maintenance like for example every Saturday or Sunday, maybe.

Then every maintenance day, run some tools to clean the system. Like use CCleaner to clean your system from unwanted or junk files. You can download the free version. Next, you can use PC Tools Performance Toolkit to optimize the system’s performance. Once PC Tools is installed, you can use different tools to optimize the system.

In “Privacy” tab, you can run “Clear Your Windows History”, “Clear Your Browsing History”, and “Clear Your Third-Party Software Traces” to clean your system. In “Performance” tab, you can run “Clean Your Registry” and “Compact Your Registry” to clean and compact your Windows registry. Lastly, you can run “Defragment Disks” to defrag your system drive and other drives on your computer.

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