I need best software to make computer faster

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My PC has been crawling this past few days.  I have already done an anti-virus check, defragmented my HDD's, cleared browsing history.  It's still the same after reboot.  What is the best software to make computer faster?  Could it also that I need to upgrade my memory?  I have Intel COre i3, 2 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD and Windows 8.

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I need best software to make computer faster



Apart from the basic things you did for improving the speed you can consider these techniques also.

  1. Prevent unnecessary programs from starting when the computer boots – The more programs try to run while your computer initializes, the slower everything will be. Revise your startup programs by altering your system configuration via MSConfig.
  2. Clear your Prefetch folder. Windows saves a file of the program you are using to make it start up faster. After years of use, this folder gets stuffed with irrelevant programs.Steps are given below to perform this task.
  • Open Notepad and type:
    del C:WindowsPrefetch*.* /Q
    Rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks
    (Copy and paste this text to ensure you don’t make any mistakes.)
  • Save as faster.bat (the .bat extension will run it as a batch file).
  • Run it! Simply double-click the file to initialize. In a few moments, the command prompt will disappear and your  programs should run more smoothly.

Still the performance is slow you can download the software to speed up your performance from this link.

Ccharle William

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I need best software to make computer faster



I think Advanced SystemCare is the best solution for this project. After all, you can get it 100% functional with the trial version. Also, “thepiratebay.se” site is also providing 1-year license key of the software for free. 

I am personally using it and it has many other features that are available, which are absolutely free.

Have a nice time.

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I need best software to make computer faster


The following are the things that you can do to improve your PC's performance and make it run faster:

1. Run Clean Up Disk Error at least once a week. You need to be logged on as the administrator to perform this.

2. Run Check Disk. Click Start> Computer and then right-click the hard disk drive and click on its Properties. Under the Tools tab> Error -checking> Check Now.

3. Remove temporary and unused files. Those files can also make your computer run slow.

4. Run the Disk Defragmenter.

5. Run Windows Update.

6. Scan your computer using your antivirus, anti spyware or anti malware and remove any possible threats.

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