Leaving the computer open on desk

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I was wondering if it’s okay to leave the computer open (I'm pointing to desk)? I've been doing this for the past 10 days. Is it protected or can cause possible damages to the hardware? Any suggestions?

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Leaving the computer open on desk




The risk to the hardware is always due to the following factors, listed according to the high risk level:

1-      Dust

2-      Temperature

3-      Power outages etc.

Now keeping the above three factors in mind, if the environment is dust free ( which is next to impossible), or more than average clear, this risk factor will be less potent, still keep in mind to do a blower job, once in a while in a month or two.

The second risk factor is temperature, if the environment is cold or should we say not very HOT, and the system fans are working properly, then this factor is also not an issue.

The third factor, power outages or power surges, if the power provided to the computer is controlled by ups / power surge controllers etc., then also this factor is covered.

Just think about the servers running in an organization, and are never shutdown for years, (no doubt server hardware and Pc hardware are a little bit different), but logically they run on same principle, means that if keep your pc running if the above factors are checked then no issues should be faced

BUT, please note, running a system, requires electricity, meaning cost of electricity without any work!

Then again, there are some constraints of the operating system. Windows O/S requires rebooting / shutdown after some time, otherwise the cache and log files, plus the background services and processes may malfunction.




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Leaving the computer open on desk


When you say open do you mean to say leave the computer tower open? Like removing at least one side of the computer case out exposing the parts inside? Are you aiming to reduce the temperature inside the tower? This is not really good practice as the computer parts would be vulnerable to insects, rodents and could get short circuits caused by liquid spills. It is also an electrocution hazard because the electronic parts are exposed. If someone touches the parts, they may get electrocuted. It is not really a good idea. Just have the case closed, and make sure your tower is well ventilated so that it won't overheat.

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