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Hi computer experts,

I was at work doing some data entries with our inventory application, and listening music using media player, when I am done with my work, I exited the inventory application and the media player, the media player did not exit, so I decided to use task manager to stop media player, when I am about to start task manager, it wont start due to parameter is incorrect.



The parameter is incorrect

As I analyzed on the error, I don't remember that I am working on some parameters before I encounter this error message, and ever since task manager wont ask me for some parameters in running, please help me solve this issue, good day and thanks a lot.

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Cheers, probably you have installed a software in your system that overrides the task manager process. Examples of these software are Process Explorer, unlocker and  the likes, wherein they displays dll processed and other services same as what task manager had displayed. To fix this problem simply open your Process Explorer freeware, click options and just uncheck the option replace task manager. If you don’t want to use again Process Explorer simply close the application in the notification area.

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Please go through this below link. this link will help you.