Files waiting to be written to the cd

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When I first logged on to my computer, this balloon from my system tray keeps re-appearing.  The message is;

You have files waiting to be written to the CD

To see the files now, click this balloon.

If I clicked on the balloon, I can see the files that are ready to be written on a CD.  But since I don't need any of these files, I deleted it all hoping that the balloon will stop nagging at me. But after a reboot, the message will pop up again on my system tray. This originally started when I try to make a back up disk for some important files that I don't want to lose.

If I continue and follow the process on the balloon to burn the files on a CD which sum up to 3 GB in size, I will receive an error that I cannot continue because the file will not fit on a CD for the size is too large. How can I disable it from appearing? It is really annoying that every time I open my computer, it will appear in my system tray. I already run some antivirus, anti spyware and anti malware, but looks like it doesn't have effects. I need a solution, please kindly send some help.


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Files waiting to be written to the cd



Dear Sydney Anderson,

I will be very happy if I can solve your problem. This problem is very simple and solution is also very easy. I would like to say that is neither a virus nor a spyware. This is because of your carelessness. You may send to some or one file to your CD or DVD drive. That’s why every time you logged on this window shows that. Please do the following as I say:

Ø  Open my computer

Ø  Right click on CD/DVD Drive and open it.

Ø  You will see a file shortcut in there.

Ø  Please delete the file

Ø  Restart the computer.

I think your problem is solved

Thank you.


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Files waiting to be written to the cd



Dear sydney,

This message occurs on Microsoft Windows XP operating systems that have included the CD recording software enabled. I know sometimes it's hard to resolve issues that you're not aware of. Can't say that it is due to carelessness but anyway, to resolve this issue, follow the steps below:

1.   Open My Computer

2.   Right-click on the CD-ROM drives and click properties.

3.   Click the "Recording" tab.

4.   Uncheck the "Enable CD Recording on this drive" and close out of all the Windows.

Once disabled, if you wish to continue to use the Microsoft recording software, follow the above steps again and re-enable the Microsoft CD recording. Alternatively, we suggest you consider using third-party CD recording software.


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Files waiting to be written to the cd


Hello to both of you. I am sure that the error is not due to virus or spyware. I scanned the whole system and no threat found. I followed the step of Zack and it worked. Thanks to both of you for sending me help.

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Files waiting to be written to the cd


To fix this, go to My Computer and then right-click the drive for your CD-ROM and select Properties. Under the Recording tab, untick the Enable CD Recording on this drive and then exit.

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