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Hello friends and experts,

Eudora OSE v1.0 [Thunderbird] is my email client. I am running Mailtraq version with the AFX database engine. I get a few thousand emails, when I try to download all the messages on the mail server. Then I get this Error message in Eudora. It reads:
“The RETR command did not succeed. Error retrieving a message. Mail server responded: message no longer available”.
The server is stopping at the same message each time I try 'getting new mail'. Many numbers of options to fix the Mailtraq database are available in the forum. 
Please suggest the best method. Thanks in advance.

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Your problem is mainly caused by having a corrupt file on live servers. To solve your problem, you might want to log in to the live webmail interface and do a little housekeeping, and the error should go away. By housekeeping, I mean "clean up" the problem using the webmail interface. Whether or not this is possible will determine the reason for the failure. Note that the client you use (Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.) is irrelevant; the problem is on the "server side".

I hope this was helpful.

Kind Regards.

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Hi Hanley,

       This may cause about inconsistencies with your email account. What you can do is to try to establish your account again on Mailtraq and on the process it will automatically download your emails to check the connection from the server to your computer. If the problem still persists then it must be a server problem and not the email client you wanted to use. Check your emails from the webmail interface and clean up all problem from the webmail first.