Unable to log-in with Windows: Password Forgotten

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I need some help here as i forgot the login password of my laptop so what i can do now can anyone help me in that please


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Unable to log-in with Windows: Password Forgotten



Good Day Adam,

Your question is about recovering your laptop login password which you have forgotten. It’s certainly an upsetting situation, but don’t you worry. Here I am going to explain you how to recover or change it. Please follow the methods mentioned below:

Method 1:

Turn on your laptop till the login screen comes. Click on your user account and press “Ctrl+Alt+Del”. The user account would change into “Administrator” account. Now login and go to Control panel of your system and change your user account password

Method 2:

Turn on your laptop and go into the BIOS setup, there you will find an option of Safe Mode, run your system in Safe Mode as an administrator and again after logging in go to your control panel and change your password

Thank you

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Unable to log-in with Windows: Password Forgotten


If you forgot your password on your user account, that is really a problem. You will not be able to install or uninstall any applications. There is a way you can recover your account even if you don’t have the password. But before continuing, make sure it is really your user account because if it is not, the real owner will know that someone has tampered his or her user account because the password will be cleared.

First, download the ISO disc image called Trinity Rescue Kit. Once downloaded, burn it on a blank CD-R. You will have a bootable CD when the burning is successful. Once the bootable disc is finished, boot your computer using the bootable CD. Select “Windows password resetting” from the menu. Next, select “Winpass with prompt for username first” then enter the login name for the administrator account you wish to reset.

Most of the questions in the menu are easy to answer. When you reach the part called User Edit Menu, select the first option: “Clear (blank) user password”. This will allow you to login to the user account without the password. When you are finished, restart the computer then login to the user account. Create a new password and remember it.

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