I can’t delete a file with 0 bytes

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I created a MS word file and when I want to delete it says "Unable to locate the file".

But I can see a file and it has 0 bytes.

What can I do ?

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I can’t delete a file with 0 bytes


It may be probably due to disk corruption.

For disk corruption follow the steps below:

1. Double click on My computer

2. Right click on C: and select Properties > Tools > Check Now

3. Tick Automatically fix the file system errors and then click Start

4. Click Yes to schedule the check on the new restart

If its not working try renaming the file and then deleting

Or in command prompt window using DEL filename and then use an unlocker which may help resolve the problem.

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I can’t delete a file with 0 bytes

  • Open the Command prompt >

    • Start, all programs, accessories.
  • Go to Directory (folder) where your  file is located use  the following steps>
  1. First type cd nameof location of folder
  2. Then cd  nameof folder (if not sure type dir after step 1 to view all folders in that location) then continue with step 2 with the name of the folder
  • Write dir to display a list of all files and folders located in that folder
  • Type dir/o-s to put your empty file last on the items
  • Type dir/x to display a column that contains names
  • Use del nameonaddedcolumn (this is the name before the size in bytes of the file in this case it be a zero because the file we are trying to delete has zero bytes. Type this name very carefully)

Now you can check to see if your zero byte file still exists, but I think the steps will work out well.

If do not know how to use command prompt use dir /?  

To see a list of commands you can use

Hope I was able to help.

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