How can I create printable booklet on MS-Word?

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I need to create a printable booklet similar to my screenshot. I need to print it using MS Word 2010 but I can’t make it small especially when I print it. How can I properly do that and adjust the sizes when I print it? Because when I do, my work is printed like the size of my whole paper.

Please send me some help.


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How can I create printable booklet on MS-Word?


Hi Melissa,

Here is a quick guide on how to create a printable booklet using your Word 2010. Please read below:

  • Double click the Microsoft Word icon on your desktop or select it from your start menu list.
  • When it opens, select the Page layout tab.
  • Then click on the icon below to launch the Page Setup window. It is best to set the settings properly first before creating your booklet so you already have the idea of how your work will look like. But you can still create your booklet before editing the settings.
Page layout word 2010
  • When the Page Setup window opens, scroll down to Pages then select Book fold from the drop down menu list. 
Page Setup Book fold
  • If you are selecting Book fold, the page will automatically change from Portrait to Landscape Orientation. You can also change the Gutter setting under Margins tab. Just select the value from 0 to 1. Otherwise you might encounter jumbled words in the binding.
  • Click the OK button when you are done with the changes.

In Word 2010, there are editing features that can make your booklet simple or complex as you want. On making a simple booklet, we will add headers and page numbers for the footer.

  • Click Insert tab then selects Page number then Bottom of Page to insert the page number at the bottom of each page.
Insert Page Number
  •  Check the spelling and grammar, your paragraph and all.

When you are done with setting up your booklet, You are now ready to print your work.

Depending on the type of printer that you will use, it is better to use a printer that can print both sides of your booklet.

Select Print documents to print your booklet.

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How can I create printable booklet on MS-Word?


Microsoft Word 2010 is part of the Microsoft Office package that enables you to create a document, manuals, flyers, booklet, etc.

In creating a booklet, you must follow these steps for you to come up with a creative and beautiful booklet. 

  1. Open your Microsoft Word 2010.
  2. Select the Page layout tab. Click the icon in the corner of the page to launch the Page setup dialog box.
  3. You will see the Page setup screen . Under Pages, change the default choice which is normal to book fold.
  4. You can also change the gutter size setting from 0 to 1. Then click ok if you are done.

That's it! Now, you can have your own booklet as simple as that!

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How can I create printable booklet on MS-Word?


MS Word is a world renowned software can edit webpage document. You can send e-mail. You are able to make Fax document send and receive. MS Word is the right place where you can make your booklet.

  • Go to MS word.
  • Get File Menu.
  • Set mouse pointer on the File menu and click on it.

You had wanted to make smaller the size of your printable booklet.

  • Click on Page setup. Here you will see Top, bottom, left, right scale measurement. What's your booklet top size should be you can select the inches. Thus you can select bottom, left, right sizes.
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How can I create printable booklet on MS-Word?


I have my booklet now. It was really nice. Thank you for all the incredibly effective solutions. I really appreciate it.

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