I can’t open DOC files in excel 2010

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What do i need to do to open DOC files in excel 2010 64-bit version for windows vista 63 bit operating system

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I can’t open DOC files in excel 2010


Why are you in need of opening a doc file to excel? The formats of both the file types are different. 

However if you need to open the doc file in a single cell in excel, then you may copy the content in .doc and paste it in excel file within a cell. 
If you need the data in columns in different cells, then you have an option to first copy the data into a single cell and the use the Data > Text to columns option in excel. 
This requires the delimiting character (either tab, space, or comma etc). 
Click the column to be split and the use this option. Another way is Data > From Text files.
Then you may specify the delimited character. 


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I can’t open DOC files in excel 2010


You cannot open a .doc file in Microsoft Excel. This is because Microsoft Excel only opens files with .xls extension. It should be noted that .doc files can only be opened in MS Word.  But if you intend to see the contents of a .doc file in MS Excel the best thing to do is to open the .doc file in MS Word.

Hit Ctrl + A or highlight the contents of your document manually and copy and paste them to MS Excel. If you do this, your copied data will be pasted on a single cell. To see them clearly, go to Format Cells, Alignment, and put a check on Wrap Text.

By doing this, the cell is readjusted so that the data can fit in one single cell. It will appear as shown in the image.

You can also opt to put the contents of your .doc file in a text box in Excel. To do this, go to the Insert Menu, click on Text Box and paste your data in the provided textbox. Your document will then be displayed as shown in the picture.


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